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Introducing AEROCOR LLC

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Introducing AEROCOR LLC. A Los Angeles based aircraft sales organization catering to the owner pilot community. The firm provides aircraft brokerage, acquisition and factory acceptance services.

AEROCOR utilizes proprietary market tracking and aircraft valuation tools specific to its market segments, and is developing additional resources aimed at helping buyers navigate the purchase planning process. “Every aircraft search begins with a simple question: What is the best aircraft for my mission? It’s a simple question, but today, answering it involves deciphering information from countless sources. AEROCOR streamlines this process; organizing information in a way that follows a buyer’s decision process, answering the relevant questions along the way. Armed with this information, our clients make more informed, more confident decisions.” says company Co-founder and CEO Justin Beitler.

By using objective data analysis techniques commonly found in the financial services industry, AEROCOR is modernizing the way aircraft are bought and sold. AEROCOR specializes in the Eclipse Jet, Cessna Citation and Socata TBM markets.

AEROCOR LLC is a full service sales organization providing brokerage, acquisition, acceptance, marketing and valuation services for light turbine aircraft. The company employs a full-time research staff to track the CitationJet, Socata TBM and Eclipse Jet markets, and develop valuation tools. Company principles Justin Beitler and Gavin Woodman each have more than 10 years of sales experience, representing both new and preowned turbine aircraft. AEROCOR’s employees are all airline transport rated pilots, type rated in multiple jets aircraft. AEROCOR is the global leader in Eclipse Jet transactions, accounting for one third of total annual sales. AEROCOR’s mission is to serve as a trusted resource for the owner-pilot community; utilizing concise, relevant, honest information to create detailed context; providing customers with the clarity necessary to make decisions with confidence.  AEROCOR aircraft sales, Better results from better data.  To find out more contact Sean Gillette tel:+1.323.694.0953 email: sean@nullAEROCOR.com, or go to www.AEROCOR.com

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