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Founded in 2017, AEROCOR began as an aircraft brokerage focused on serving owner operators. It has grown to become a full service aviation company with a portfolio of products that provide support to owners during all phases of the aircraft ownership cycle. Starting with aircraft selection and acquisition, moving to flight training and aircraft management, and progressing to fleet planning and executing the exit strategy, AEROCOR has a solution…The Jet Solution. 


AEROCORs founding mission statement was to Remove the uncertainty from aircraft transactions. To do so, we took a data based approach to the evaluation process. Taking an analytical approach to evaluating aircraft and market data, we built tools like  AIRBASE, our proprietary light jet market tracking and valuation software which provide quantifiable metrics for comparing aircraft. This sales process led to consistent results for our customers and helped build AEROCOR into what it is today. 


Using data to remove uncertainty continues to be AEROCORs guiding principle as we continue to build a portfolio of products that go beyond aircraft sales. Products like FlightData a global leader in flight data analysis for general aviation aircraft and BlueMAX.our wireless flight data capture system are all designed to help operators make more informed decisions.
We look forward to incorporating this approach as we build our newest division,
Aircraft Management Solutions which will combine a  product that provides best in class customer experience with an operational management style usually limited to large commercial airline operations.  


Earocor Team Pic
  • Scott Kirby The Boss

    Scott Kirby is a true example of the American Dream. Born in the streets of Tijuana, Mr. Kirby immigrated to the United States at the age of 6 months, all alone and without a penny to his name. Today, Mr. Kirby is in charge of AEROCOR company morale and team building. He takes pride in building esprit de corp and ……

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  • Justin Beitler Co-Founder

    Justin Beitler followed his passion and entered aviation full time in 2008, serving as a regional salesman and National Marketing Director of the world’s largest fractional program for piston aircraft. Prior to this, Justin held various positions in Information Technology where he created several “mission critical,”…

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  • Gavin Woodman Co-Founder

    Gavin Woodman is a seasoned aviation professional with an impressive record both inside and outside of the cockpit. As a professional pilot, Gavin has over 9,000 flight hours, he holds ATP AMEL, Commercial ASEL/ASES, CFII, MEI certificate and PIC type ratings in the CitationJet 525 series …

  • Garrett Woodman President of Aircraft Management Solutions

    Garrett Woodman, President of Aircraft Management Solutions, has over 25 years of experience in nearly every corner of the Aviation Industry. Garrett dedicated 17 of those years to Business Aviation and his unique expertise is showcased through his involvement in a range of management roles at companies of varying sizes…

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  • Jens Personius Manager of Client Services

    Jens Personius joined AEROCOR as a Client Services Coordinator in 2019. He has more than eight years of customer service experience several of which he spent working directly with high-profile clients and their families including artists, celebrities, and executives. Most recently, Jens managed a grant writing team for a growing educational

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  • Ginae Woodman Account Manager

    Ginae Woodman started her aviation career in 2005 as a flight attendant for a major airline. She quickly moved on to human resources, conducting background checks for flight crew, maintenance, and crew scheduling. Outside of aviation, Ginae has worked in customer service for one of the world’s largest banks and in her personal life she….

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  • Rich Hayes Eclipse 500/550 Instructor

    Rich Hayes brings an impressive level of experience to the AEROCOR team. His flying career began early at the local airport near his childhood home in Oregon. Rich first soloed at age 16, earning his private pilot’s license at age 17. He joined the U.S. Air Force and spent a decade flying F-111 attack aircraft throughout Europe and the U.S., later ….

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  • Dennis Pearson ECLIPSE 500/550 INSTRUCTOR

    Dennis began his aviation career in college while studying computer science and mathematics at Washington State University when he earned his private pilot pilot license and enlisted in the Washington Air National Guard. Upon graduating, he earned a US Air Force Commission and went on to serve as a B-52 NAV / Weaponeer, F-15C Eagle….

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