Owning the Eclipse 500

Climb aboard and fly in the world’s most exciting Very Light Jet: the Eclipse 500

AEROCOR Buyer Assistance Program

AEROCOR’s Buyer Assistance Program takes the guess work out of buying an aircraft. AEROCOR uses expert product knowledge and proprietary market data to advise aircraft buyers throughout the buying process. Get the context and clarity needed to make decisions with precision.

Operation Jumper Dumper:
Beech 99 Import from Germany

AEROCOR conducts worldwide aircraft searches to uncover hidden opportunities. We have experience sourcing aircraft from multiple countries and we can coordinate everything from aircraft delivery to gaining U.S. registration. Check out a video from our first transatlantic delivery.

Understanding FADEC

AEROCOR Co-Founder Justin Beitler takes you on a tour of the Eclipse 500 FADEC system and compares it to a traditional mechanical engine control system.

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Eclipse Auto-Throttle

Fly with AEROCOR and get a full description of the unique autothrottle system in the Eclipse 550 and Eclipse 500.

The auto-throttle allows the autopilot to control the aircraft’s throttle and power settings, removing additional pilot workload and providing additional protections such as “under-speed” or “over-speed” envelope protection.

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AEROCOR Announces Launch of Carbon Offset Program

Henderson, NV: AEROCOR announces a new partnership with Terrapass designed to reduce jet owners’ carbon footprint. When clients use AEROCOR’s services to purchase or sell their aircraft, AEROCOR [...]

AEROCOR announces comprehensive buyer’s guide for the Beechcraft Premier I/IA

Los Angeles, CA: AEROCOR has released a comprehensive buyer’s guide for the Beechcraft Premier I/IA family of aircraft. The guide is designed to answer all of the most common questions posed by [...]

AEROCOR announces launch of digital learning center

Los Angeles, CA: AEROCOR has launched a digital learning center on its website Originally geared to the Eclipse 500, the site has been expanded to include all single pilot certified [...]

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