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AEROCOR - Pre-Owned Aircraft Service

Pre-Owned Aircraft Service

 In Press Release

June 28th, 2017 – For immediate release

Los Angeles, CA: AEROCOR is announcing the launch of its new Operational Test & Evaluation Service for pre-owned Eclipse aircraft. This new service further supports AEROCOR’s goal of removing the uncertainty associated with buying a pre-owned aircraft.

The Operational Test and Evaluation Service offers two distinct benefits to any Eclipse buyer: first, a thorough audit confirms the full configuration of the aircraft and uncovers details that can dramatically affect value; and second, a rigorous test flight fully validates the functionality and performance of all the aircraft systems. The resulting information allows any buyer to make decisions with confidence.

As an Airline Transport Pilot with more than 10 years of both maintenance test-flying and aircraft sales experience, Justin Beitler lead the effort to develop the detailed procedures used to evaluate each aircraft. “With so many different configurations of Eclipse aircraft available, understanding the details of a specific aircraft takes experience,” notes Beitler. “Our program not only reveals and explains hidden details, but also exposes the aircraft to a full range of real-world operating conditions, testing systems in flight that can’t be fully evaluated on the ground. This service offers tremendous peace of mind to the pre-owned Eclipse buyer.”

AEROCOR’s program concludes with a detailed written report, highlighting over 500 individual data points and system checks.

To learn more about this service, AEROCOR at 747.777.9505, clearance@nullAEROCOR.com, or visit www.AEROCOR.com

AEROCOR LLC is a full service aircraft sales organization providing brokerage & acquisition services to owners of light turbine aircraft. Co-founders Justin Beitler and Gavin Woodman have more than 20 years of combined sales experience, representing both new and preowned turbine aircraft. Both are airline transport rated pilots, type rated in multiple jet aircraft, and are experts for the Citation Jet, Socata TBM and Eclipse Jet markets. AEROCOR is the global leader in Very Light Jet (VLJ) sales and acquisitions. AEROCOR’s mission is to serve as a trusted resource for the owner-pilot community; utilizing concise, relevant, objective information to create detailed context, giving customers the confidence to make informed decisions with peace of mind. AEROCOR aircraft sales: “Better results from better data.”

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