Beechcraft Premier IA

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Exterior Dimensions

AEROCOR - Learning Center - Beechcraft Premier IA - Side View

Side View

AEROCOR - Learning Center - Beechcraft Premier IA - Top View

Top Down View

AEROCOR - Learning Center - Beechcraft Premier IA - Front View

Front View

Exterior Dimensions
Overall Length 46ft
Overall Height 15ft 4in
Wingspan 44ft 6in
Horizontal Tail Span 16ft 1.2in
Nose to Trailing Edge (T-Hangar Constrain) N/A
Landing Gear Base (Nose to Main) 17ft 5in
Landing Gear Tread (Main to Main) 9ft 3in

Interior Dimensions

AEROCOR - Learning Center - Beechcraft Premier IA - Cross Section

Premier IA Cross Section View

AEROCOR - Learning Center - Beechcraft Premier IA - Eight Seat Configuration with Forward Cabinet

Eight Seat Configuration with Forward Cabinet

Beechcraft Pia Cabin Wcloset

Eight Seat Configuration with Forward Closet

Internal Dimensions
Cabin Width 5ft 6in
Cabin Length 13ft 6in
Cabin Height 5ft 5in
Entry Width 2ft 1.5in
Entry Height 4ft 2in
Total Baggage Volume 76.9ft3
  • Internal Pressurized Baggage
  • Nose Baggage Compartment
  • Aft Baggage Compartment

Design Weights and Capacities

Design Weights Capacity
Maximum Ramp Weight 12,590 lbs
Maximum Takeoff Weight 12,500 lbs
Maximum Landing Weight 11,600 lbs
Maximum Zero Fuel Weight 10,000 lbs
Basic Empty Weight 8,400 lbs
Maximum Payload (No Pilot) 1,600 lbs
Useful Load (No Pilot) 4,190 lbs
Fuel Capacity (useable) at 6.70 lb/gal 3,670 lbs
Payload w/full fuel (No Pilot) 520 lbs


Takeoff Runway Length (Max. Takeoff Weight, Sea Level, ISA, Balanced Field Length, 20° Flaps) 3,792 ft
Maximum Altitude 41,000 ft
Maximum Cruise Speed (Mid-Cruise Weight, 41,000 ft, ISA) 451 KTAS
NBAA IFR Range (100 nm alternate)(Max. Takeoff Weight, Full Fuel, Max. Cruise Thrust at 41,000 feet) 1,360 nm
Landing Runway Length (Max.  Landing Weight, Paved, Sea Level, ISA, per Part 23 Normal Category) 3,177 ft

Structural Design Limitations

Limit Speeds
MMO Mach 0.80
Flap Extension Speeds
VFE 0° to Takeoff/Approach Extension 200 KEAS
VFE Takeoff/Approach to Landing Extension 170 KEAS
Landing Gear Operating and Extended Speeds
VLO (retracting) 180 KEAS
VLO (extending) 200 KEAS

Buyer/Seller Resources

2020 Beechcraft Premier Buyers Guide Book

Buyer’s Guide & FAQ

As a global leader in light aircraft sales, AEROCOR has learned a thing or two about the Premier fleet. We know how hard it is to find up to date information on the Premier and so we’ve created a one of a kind buyer’s guide to answer all of the most frequently asked questions that we get from prospective owners. It includes detailed technical comparisons, information on the purchase process, and describes what to expect when owning and operating your first turbine aircraft.

Beechcraft Premier Market Update Book

2021 Q2 Market Update

The Premier Market report is a bi-annual publication which provides a summary of recent sales data and analysis on how it relates to past and future activity. If you are thinking about buying or selling a Premier the Market Report is a must read.

Beechcraft Premier 2021 Fleet Update

2021 Fleet Update

AEROCOR has released the world’s first Beechcraft Premier I/IA Fleet Update. This exclusive report contains the results from the company’s recent fleet survey which included questions about aircraft utilization, program status, factory options and relevant upgrades.

History and General Description

In 2006, Beechcraft introduced an updated version of the Premier – the Premier IA. This version incorporated a number of improvements including systems updates (such as redesigned braking and “lift dump” systems) and a redesigned cabin interior (offering a new seat design, overall improved fit / finish, and reshaped interior panels allowing for more head / shoulder room). Equipment that was previously categorized as “optional” became “standard,” such as TCAS II, EGPWS, and a 3 display EFIS configuration. The IA also offered additional avionics improvements including an IFIS 5000 and solid-state WXR-800 weather radar. The Premier IA introduced several high value upgrades to the Beechcraft 390 series while maintaining it’s title as the world’s fastest light jet.