AEROCOR Announces Launch of Carbon Offset Program

 In Press Release

October 14th, 2020 – For immediate release

Henderson, NV: AEROCOR announces a new partnership with Terrapass designed to reduce jet owners’ carbon footprint. Effective immediately, AEROCOR will acquire enough carbon offsets to neutralize the emissions for the first year of flying (roughly 120 flight hours) for all light turbine aircraft purchased or sold using their services.

“We are excited to partner with Terrapass to meet our emissions reduction goals, which are an important part of our corporate sustainability plan,” says Justin Beitler, AEROCOR co-founder. “We wanted to contribute towards making aviation a greener industry, and this program gives us a way to help neutralize aviation’s impact on the environment. By partnering with Terrapass, we hope to not only do our part, but inspire others to take responsible action as well.”

Terrapass’s offset program is an easy way to balance an aircraft’s carbon emissions by investing in carbon reduction projects. They provide simple, inexpensive ways to measure, manage, and mitigate emissions.

To learn more about AEROCOR Carbon Offset Program, contact AEROCOR at 747.777.9505,, or visit


AEROCOR LLC is a full service aircraft sales organization providing brokerage & acquisition services to owners of light turbine aircraft. Co-founders Justin Beitler and Gavin Woodman have more than 20 years of combined sales experience, representing both new and preowned turbine aircraft. Both partners are airline transport rated pilots, type rated in multiple jet aircraft, and are experts for the Citation Jet, Socata TBM and Eclipse Jet markets. AEROCOR is the global leader in Very Light Jet (VLJ) sales and acquisitions. AEROCOR’s mission is to serve as a trusted resource for the owner-pilot community; utilizing concise, relevant, objective information to create detailed context, giving customers the confidence to make informed decisions with peace of mind. AEROCOR aircraft sales: “Better results from better data.

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