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March 7th, 2019 -­ For Immediate Release

Los Angeles, CA: AEROCOR has launched The new (and still free) site builds on the analysis tools that made CirrusReports the global leader in data analysis for general aviation aircraft. allows pilots to properly analyze, catalog and extract data from their aircraft and view it in a more meaningful way.


“We’re really excited to offer this product to the community” notes Justin Beitler, AEROCOR co-founder and CEO. “By providing an easy method of analyzing data from modern avionics, owners can finally realize the benefit that these platforms have promised.”


AEROCOR considers the site to be a constantly evolving product, and is always looking for additional input. “We’ve already received a very positive response and a lot of feedback from aircraft owners,” says Beitler. “[This] has translated to some meaningful improvements to the system, but also has us excited for the future.”


“We are a company of pilots and enthusiasts, and we wanted to re-invest some of our energies towards improving general aviation” explains company co-founder, Gavin Woodman. “We’re very happy to see the site expanding, but we’re even more excited to see how our users are utilizing the data to improve the efficiency and safety of their operations.” Woodman noted that some users have also started to use the site as a tool to boost aircraft value. “Buyers of pre-owned aircraft often want to know how an airplane has been treated throughout its life, and what better way to do that than to present a full catalog of flight data that goes back years? It’s already proven to be a fantastic benefit to owners, and it’s results like these that has us really interested to see how the product evolves as we continue to get more feedback from our users.”


Aircraft owners and pilots who are looking to get more information about the performance of their aircraft are encouraged to visit the site, and send their suggestions to


AEROCOR LLC is a full service aircraft sales organization providing brokerage & acquisition services to owners of light turbine aircraft. Co-founders Justin Beitler and Gavin Woodman have more than 20 years of combined sales experience, representing both new and preowned turbine aircraft. Both partners are airline transport rated pilots, type rated in multiple jet aircraft, and are experts for the Citation Jet, Socata TBM and Eclipse Jet markets. AEROCOR is the global leader in Very Light Jet (VLJ) sales and acquisitions. AEROCOR’s mission is to serve as a trusted resource for the owner-pilot community; utilizing concise, relevant, objective information to create detailed context, giving customers the confidence to make informed decisions with peace of mind. AEROCOR aircraft sales: “Better results from better data.

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