2008 Eclipse 500 SN 000116 N75EA

2008 Eclipse 500 SN 000116 N75EA

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Condition: Used
Serial #: 000116
Registration #: N75EA

2008 Eclipse 500 for sale.

Outfitted with the popular IFMS avionics platform, N75EA offers a fantastic blend of performance and value.

Total Time: 1,397.80
Total Cycles: 1,430.00
Current as of: 04/21/2021
Program: None
Actual BEW: 3,728 lbs
Actual ARM: 208.30 in


  • (2) Pratt & Whitney PW610F-A (900 lbs thrust each)


  • 3,500 hours

Serial Numbers:

  • Left = PCE-LA0248
  • Right = PCE-LA0249

Total Time:

  • 1,397.8 SNEW (L/R)

Total Cycles:

  • 1,430 SNEW (L/R)



Integrated Flight Management System (IFMS) v2.08 by IS&S Standard features include:

  • Two Primary Flight Displays (PFDs)
  • One 15” Multi-Function Display (MFD) with airliner-style synoptic displays of all aircraft systems
  • Color Weather Radar
  • XM satellite Downlink Weather
  • Geo-Referenced Jeppesen Approach Plates
  • Fully Coupled Autopilot (Including Coupled LPV Approached)
  • Flight Into Known Icing (FIKI)
Additional Equipment
  • LX Edition ($39,995 option)
    (Upgraded passenger cabin appointments including all leather passenger seats with forward leather storage pouch & aluminum seat belt buckles, down wash lighting beneath cabin side bolsters, gross point-covered lower sidewalls, 110v power outlets, wood laminate accent trim, and built-in coat hooks. Additional cockpit appointments include all leather pilot & copilot seats with adjustable lumbar support, padded knee supports, metal thrust lever knobs, and foot well lights.)
  • Commercial Operations Package / Part 135 Package ($49,950 option)
    (Third Attitude Heading Reference System (AHRS), 40-ft3 oxygen tank replaces standard 22-ft3 oxygen tank, second IFMS keyboard, second hand-held microphone, second quick-don oxygen mask, three AC power outlets, five passenger briefing cards)
  • Skywatch HP TAS (Traffic Alert System) ($31,950 option)
  • Class B TAWS (Terrain Awareness and Warning System) ($21,000 option)
  • Installation Kit (Required when installing certain options) ($19,875 install)
  • Upgraded Color Weather Radar (RDR-2000) ($22,950 upgrade)
  • 6th Passenger Seat ($24,950 option)
  • ADS-B “out” ($24,900 option)
  • Aux Pitot Probe Heaters / Pitot Flange Heaters ($9,995 option)
  • Icephobic “Patch” Removal STC Installed
  • Upgraded combustion liners installed (Certified for flight to 41,000’)
  • Stormscope / Strike-finder ($14,595 option)
  • Upgraded / Newer style wing tip lights (position / strobe lights) ($11,163 upgrade)
Interior / Exterior


  • Factory “Slate LX” Interior
  • Configured with six interior seats (only 4 shown)


  • LX-2 design with Blue and Black Stripes
Inspection Status
  • Complies with all Mandatory Service Bulletins
  • Scheduled for a complete set of updated inspections at Boca Aircraft in May, 2021 (great time for a pre-buy inspection!))
  • New style PhostrEx Fire Extinguisher Canisters ($20,485 service bulletin)

Max Speed


IFR Range

1,125 MILES

Max Occupants


Useful Load

2,400 LBS

Max Altitude

41,000 FT

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Contact: Justin Beitler
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