Socata TBM 850 Legacy

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Socata TBM 850 Legacy

Exterior Dimensions

Aerocor Socata Tbm 850 Legacy Side Pilot Door

Side View

Aerocor Socata Tbm 850 Legacy Exterior Top Down

Top Down View

Aerocor Tbm 700b Front Facing 4 Blade Graphic

Front View

Exterior Dimensions
Overall Length 34 FT 11 IN
Overall Height 14 FT 4 IN
Wingspan  41 FT 7 IN
Horizontal Tail Span 16 FT 7 IN
Nose to Trailing Edge (T-Hangar Constrain) N/A
Landing Gear Base (Nose to Main) 9 FT 7 IN
Landing Gear Tread (Main to Main) 12 FT 8 IN

Interior Dimensions

Aerocor Socata Tbm 850 Legacy Cross Section

Cross Section View

Aerocor Socata Tbm 850 Legacy Cabin Top Down

Standard 6 Seat Configuration with 2 crew seats and 4 passenger seats

Internal Dimensions
Cabin Width 3 FT 11 IN
Cabin Length 14 FT 11 IN
Cabin Height  4 FT
Entry Width  2 FT 2 IN
Entry Height  3 FT  11 IN
Total Baggage Weight 330 lbs
  • FWD Compartment (non pressurized)
110 lbs
  • Aft Compartment (pressurized)
220 lbs

Design Weights and Capacities

Design Weights Capacity
Maximum Ramp Weight 7,430 lbs
Maximum Takeoff Weight 7,394 lbs
Maximum Landing Weight 7,024 lbs
Maximum Zero Fuel Weight 6,032 lbs
Basic Empty Weight  4,653 lbs
Maximum Payload (No Pilot) 1,379 lbs
Useful Load (No pilot) 2,777 lbs
Fuel Capacity (useable) at 6 lb/gal 1,887 lbs
Payload w/full fuel (No Pilot) 891 lbs


Takeoff Runway Length (Max. Takeoff Weight, Sea Level, ISA, Flaps TO, over a 50 foot obstacle) 2,840 ft
Maximum Altitude 31,000 ft
Maximum Cruise Speed (Mid-Cruise Weight, 26,000 ft, ISA) 320 KTAS
NBAA IFR Range (45 – min reserve, Max. Cruise Thrust) 1,410 nm
Landing Runway Length (Max. Landing Weight, ISA, Flaps LDG, from a 50 foot obstacle, level runway) 2,430 ft

Structural Design Limitations

Limit Speeds
Flap Extension Speeds
VFE 0° to Takeoff/Approach Extension 178 KIAS
VFE Takeoff/Approach to Landing Extension 122 KIAS
Landing Gear Operating and Extended Speeds
VLO (retracting) 128 KIAS
VLO (extending) 178 KIAS

History and General Description

First delivered in 2006, the TBM 850 Legacy’s airframe is identical to the TBM 700C2, yet it comes equipped with a new Pratt & Whitney PT6A-66D engine boasting an impressive a 1,825 thermodynamic horsepower rating.

The TBM 850’s main entry door (located aft of the LH wing) measures 3.5 feet high by 3.9 feet wide. The door’s extra wide entryway design and generous cabin space allows for easy loading and ample storage space. Some 850’s also came delivered with a second pilot entry door (originally a $75,000 option). The standard cabin configuration features two crew seats, two aft facing middle row seats, and two forward facing two rear seats. The main baggage compartment is located directly behind the two rearmost passenger seats allowing for easy access during flight.